Traditional Greek Cuisine

Our Corner Fira

Delightful delicacies handed down from generations to make your stay with us one of comfort, excitement, and fulfillment. 

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Fresh Pesto w/ Basil & Tomatoe

Strawberry Nutella Crepe

Fresh Lettuce Shrimp Salad

You only live once so make sure it's worth it !

Our tried and tested traditional recipes will entice your sense of smell and taste while visiting us. Nothing is short of remarkable and you will feel refreshed and revitalized after your visit with us. We will make sure that your stay with us is one of pleasure and pure excitement after you have endulged in any of our dishes. We can’t wait till you arrive and visit us !

Staff Picks

Wheat Ham & Cheese

Nutella Loukoumades

Fresh Fruit Soufle



It’s nothing short of spectacular !!